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We Would Like to Say Thank You to Everyone Who Helps Us to Help Animals

We Would Like to Say Thank You to Everyone Who Helps Us to Help Animals

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About Us...


We are a non profit organisation based in South Wales with a branch in the South West of England. Over the next year we will be working towards charitable status.

Welsh Poundies was founded by Lisa Evans in 2010, Lisa was joined by Samantha West, Emma Broom, Louise Miles and John and Donna Thomas who have been instrumental to our success. Our newest recruit Treen Lovell has made our team complete for now, enabling us to widen our rehoming area to Cornwall and Devon, although we never turn down help and without our fosterers, helpers and supporters our work would be so much more difficult and we would not be able to do what we do without them.

We mainly deal with dogs that have through no fault of their own found themselves in a pound. We find these dogs safe and secure rescue spaces once they have done their time in the pound to stop them being euthanized.  We only use rescues that can offer safe and secure rescue space as we have a non- destruct policy.

Once they have been placed into a secure rescue space they can then be assessed, learn to trust again and find their forever home with a suitable family and home environment that will give all the love and care they need.

We do though also help any other dog or animal that’s home life has changed and they need new beginnings.

This is Ryan, he was brought to the pound as a stray in August 2010, time went on dogs came and went rescue spaces were offered but no one offered on Ryan. Summer came and went. Autumn came and with it the cold winds. Ryan started giving up, he lost his smile and his eyes were empty. Something had to be done and quickly, pictures were taken and emails sent to every rescue we could think of, those rescue also forwarded Ryans picture to people they knew. Within 24 hours Ryan had a safe secure rescue space
and Welsh Poundies was born. No dog will have to go through what Ryan did ever again if we can help it.                                        

Lisa Evans