We had Hudson from welsh poundies mid June and haven't looked back since. Hudson and his brother stayed with us on for a few days (fostering) and he truly won our hearts, resulting in a permanent home with us...............his new adopted family.

Hudson was 7 weeks when he came to us, and as cute as ever. He's a total lap dog and loves cuddling up on the sofa with whoever will sit and watch him. He has an amazing temperament and loves the children (aged 7 & 10). Considering his age Hudson is a fast learner and his toilet training is going superb.......well done Hudsy!

Hudson has well and truly settled in, and earns his treats already with giving his paw, sitting, laying and also staying when told.

Now that Hudson's injections are all done we look forward to walking him and seeing him socialising with friends and family's dogs. Our Hudsy loves the car and is amazingly well behaved at all times so far.

I think we were really lucky to have had such a fab dog and he fits perfectly in our home............love him millions!



Tia was just a 12 week old pup when she was picked up as a stray.  Unclaimed, alone & scared, she needed help and fast!  Welsh Poundies secured a foster space for her where she received the care and security she so desperately needed after completing her time in the pound.  At her foster home she learned how to interact with other dogs and how to give sloppy staffie kisses!
After a few months in foster, Tia was permanently adopted by Sam of Welsh Poundies, and quickly settled in to her new life with big brother Sox.  She has grown into a beautiful, well rounded, typical loving staffie.  She spends her time cuddled up with Sox or enjoying walks on the beach & forests.  Tia is definitely a contestant for dog with the waggiest tail' and has brought so much to the lives of her family,who dread to think what could have been, had Welsh Poundies not been there to help her to safety


Tia & Sox

Daisy was brought to the pound as a 6 week old pup, after having been handed away in a pub. Daisy was with Welsh poundies for 9 weeks until a suitable forever home could be found for her. She is now 2 years old and is a lovely girl who shares her home with Lillie and her human family

Tracey & Darren

Daisy & Lillie

Tom was picked up straying and taken to the pound, he was 6 weeks old. After sorting out a serious bought of kennel cough and a heavy worm burden Tom found his forever home. He now lives the life a springer should and loves nothing more than a trek up the mountain and muddy puddles



Here are Poppy and Maddie. Poppy, she was brought in to the pound as a stray very scared and covered in ticks. She was never claimed and New Life Dog Rescue stepped in to save her. She Spent 6 months with rescue before finding her forever home with Lisa welsh Poundies and her family. She has settled into her new home well and spends her days causing chaos With Maddie who is also a poundie's. Maddie was found abandoned along side 2 other dogs in a forestry. She was taken to the pound and placed on a 7 day list. She was unclaimed so Welsh Poundies stepped in to help her. She has remained with Lisa and her family ever since


Poppy & Maddie

Welsh Poundies has a phone call from a concerned member of the public about a dog being walked the streets being give away to anyone who could take her and could we help. Molly was brought to us and placed in a foster home while being assessed. Molly has Found a lovely home with a lady and her daughter in Dorset and is very much loved



Roxie is a 2 year old Staff-boxer Cross she was handed into the vets to be put to sleep along with her sister. Her owner was moving and could not keep them so that was their fate. That is until Lisa stepped in and got the owner to agree to sign the 2 dogs over to Welsh Poundies so they could be rehomed. Roxie spent a few weeks in kennels before ending up at John and Donna's to be fosterd for a week before making a journey up to Shrewsbury to another kennel. Roxie made it straight into our hearts, she fitted in with our dogs and our lifestyle. She is such a special lady we decided to give her a forever home with us and now lives with us as part of our family and she is loving it. Her sister Bubbles is now safe  at New Life Rescue in Cornwall.

Donna & John


Mojo started of his life intending to be a farm dog, unfortunatley it became evident by the time he was 18 months that he was no good as a working dog. He then went to live with a lady but after another 18 months she and her husband who she had parted from got back together and unfortunatley her husband did not like dogs at all. So Mojo came to me with the view to going to an elderly couple but that didnt work out as the lady changed her mind, we could see what a fantastic family dog he was and decided he was ours. Mojo is a part of our family and is never going anywhere.



Megan was taken to the vets when she was 4/5 weeks old to be Put to Sleep as she is blind. This is where Lisa got involved as every dog deserves a chance. Meg stayed with Lisa until she was about 16 weeks old and was proving to everyone that she had as much zest for life as any other young pup. Meg went to live with a long term foster carer and was there for nearly a year but then disaster struck, Meg dislocated her hip and came back to Welsh Poundies to receive the veterinary treatment that she badly needed. It wasn't good news her hip wouldn't go back into the socket and the vet was forced to do a femoral head excision. I chose to foster Meg on her long road to recovery, it has been a struggle at times but Meg has never given up. The turning point was when Meg had Hydrotherapy, it built her muscle back up and her fitness grew and with it so did her personality. Meg is now just like every other 18 month old collie, playful and mischievous and i often forget that she is blind as she manages so well.



Here is Muffin Maclay - former Welsh Poundie. Muffin was adopted from a so-called 'Rescue' locally - who did a runner with his adoption money which had been raised by children selling their old toys at a market, so his new owners sadly had to pay twice to get him castrated, vaccinated and checked.

He is a very highly spirited lad - thought to be part Corgi, sheepdog and terrier - and is now part of the Jacques family from Poole, Dorset: Mum - Nikki, Dad - Steve and kids - Tia (8), Kadin (6) and Zeki (4).

Said Nikki: "He hadn't been properly assessed when we adopted him, in fact we only had a day with him before being 'pushed' into taking him, so we had to tread carefuly with him for the first few weeks and we have had to do a lot of training with him.

"He is now fully part of our family. His favourite thing to eat is cheese and he often pinches the raspberries off the bushes in the back garden with the kids and he loves playing chase in the back-garden with them.

"Thank you so much Welsh Poundies - if it wasn't for you guys caring we wouldn't have had the opportunity to find Muffin and him find us."

Within two months of arriving he had earned his place as part of the family after barking and scaring off a burglar who had already raided their car port and taken hundreds of pounds worth of frozen foods from a chest freezer. The police think the burglar tried to enter the property and Muffin heard them and barked to scare them away.

He is so loved that when he became really ill after drinking or eating something dodgy on a walk (he still eats anything he can find!) that Nikki nursed him on her lap all night. He had to be rushed to the vets and put on a drip to stabilise him - but he pulled through and is now back to his normal naughty self!

The Jacques family entered him in his first Fun Dog Show recently and were very proud when Muffin got a rosette and yummy bag of dog goodies for 3rd Most Handsome Dog in Show - well done Muffin!



Hi my name is Stella and I adopted Gus from Welsh Poundies in April this year.
He was only 16 weeks old when I adopted him and had been abandoned at a vets by his new owners when he was about 12 weeks old because he had a deformity to his foot. The condition he has is called knuckling over and it's a very distressing sight to see a puppy struggling to walk as Gus was, when the vet suggested what treatment Gus may need they said they wanted him PTS rather than pay. The vet refused to do this and they walked out and left him there ............. The team from Welsh Poundies took Gus and he was fostered by one of their team until we adopted him.
Gus is a very happy lively 6 month old boy who gets into scrapes just like any other would. He loves his 'brother' Seamus the DDB and his 'nanny' Rosa our Bullmastiff.

I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to the team at Welsh Poundies for taking him on and looking after him so well, without you we would still have an empty space on our sofa...........
The pics are of Gus at 12/14 weeks, 18/20 weeks and at 6 months old.



Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue has always believed that when rescue’s work together they can save more lives and this was particularly true in this case.
Some weeks ago we had a phone call from Lisa at Welsh Poundies asking if we could take a little Boxer girl they had named Carrie who was in a terrible state and was in a pound in Wales. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Welsh Poundies Rescue they are an amazing lot who try to find rescue places or homes for dogs on their last days in the Welsh pounds. It literially is a life and death situation that these dogs are plucked from when the Welsh Poundies step in and save them.
Ofcourse we agreed to take Carrie, dogs like her are what rescue is all about. Lisa drove her part of the way and was met by Karen who after seeing what a terrible state she was in took her home to foster her. Carrie could hardly walk, sores around her back end, thin, ears in a terrible state…….she had given up on life after being used as a breeding machine then being dumped.
She wasn’t house trained, she didn’t understand what play was and she was one very frightened little girl but gradually with lots of love and care from Karen and husband Karl, Carrie’s health started to improve and she learned how good life could be.
Then we got a phone call from Sue from Hull Boxer Rescue. A gentleman she knew had just lost his dear little girl Boxer and she asked if we possibly had any dogs who could mend his broken heart………Carrie fitted the bill perfectly but Sue had just had an operation so transporting Carrie was going to be a problem. In steps the wonderful Daphney Dunks from Grimsby Boxer Rescue (now retired) and together with Sue they drove to meet us at Doncaster and take Carrie on to her new life. Photo Pictured with Carrie are left Sue (Hull Boxer Rescue) centre Tracy (Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue) and right Daphney (Grimsby Boxer Rescue)

NAYBR ( Nott & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue )


Pictured Above with Carrie are left Sue (Hull Boxer Rescue) centre Tracy (Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue) and right Daphney (Grimsby Boxer Rescue)


Came into Scruples care in August 2011 very under weight. Was later successfully re homed and his new owner has done a great job


Happy ending story Rupert the rottie with his family. A stray and nameless, unloved, underweight now doing well, a fine rottie!



Chance came to us on the 7th of january 2011 , Lucy transported him to us, it was her first run and she had bought him a little green teddy which i still have .He was cold tired , hungry and dirty . As you know he was also very under weight . He was also covered in pressure sores and also had what we think could have been a cigarette burn . His tail was very badly damaged and infected. I was only supposed to be fostering this lost little boy but as you know we all fell head over heels in love with him , and to be honest Chance decided he was staying with us any way lol. Chance now lives with four other boxers ..3 boys and 1 girl ..Benson, Harry , Alphie and Honey. He loves his ball and even sleeps with a ball, he now weights 33.5 kilos which is better than the 17.5 kilos that he weighed when he first arrived lol.( I know it says 19 kilos on the story but his real weight was 17.5 k ) He loves long walks and is excellent off lead and very good with other dogs . He sleeps with me beside my bed at night and snores like mad lol. He is a very loving little boy who is now 3yrs old. He still has a fear of new people and doesn't like crowed places as this frightens him and he will still cowers and tries to hide behind me. He loves going out in the car and is very good at travelling. His best friend is Harry ( the pup ) they are inseparable and chance is a lot more confident when Harry is with him in public places. There isn't one day that myself and my family thank you both for what you brought into our lives and for what you girl do for all those other precious babes. Thank You ..wishing you both every success in the future , keep in touch babe ..

Love Kerry and the gang of nutty boxers xxx

Kerry Freeman


We saw Daisy on the Happy Staffie website, she was sat on someones lap and my hubby said "aww,she looks frit to death".We had lost our old girl Molly in September and had that kind of empty feeling although we have our two boys Alfie (JRT cross) and Harry (Staffie) there was just this awful space.
So we applied to the rescue and passed our home check.We found out that Daisy had been found wandering the streets, she was thought to be four months old. if no one claimed her after seven days she would be put to sleep.
Thank goodness for welsh poundies who stepped in to save her, she went to a foster home before being put on the HSR site for adoption. Our homechecker went to Swansea to pick her up and bring her back to Worcestershire and we all met up at the beginning of November at the kennels in Hagley.We had successful introductions with the boys in the field and Daisy came home.
She seemed a little shy at first and we had a few growling competitions with Alfie who is leader of our pack (although he's the smallest)Harry loved her from the start and she bounced all over him.Although one day she must have bounced too hard in the garden and developed a limp.
X-rays found a break at the top of her lower leg that would need an operation to fix and then 6 weeks crate rest.Not a happy puppy! She cried in the crate which broke my heart,but I knew the break was on a growth plate and if the fixator was damaged inside she would have a permanent disability.I took her out for walks inside a bag, with the boys so she could still see things and meet people.By December it was all healed and the fixator stayed in place with bone growing around it so she didn't need an operation to remove it.Next trip to the vet was for spaying which didn't bother her in the slightest.
So by 2012 Daisy was finally all better and able to be a proper puppy.She hasn't been the easiest pup we've had but those early weeks are are so important and heaven knows what kind of life she had on the streets,so everything is a bit late she's only just realising that nipping is unacceptable and she has stopped throwing herself at us for attention.We think she is about a year old now and has finally stopped chewing the furniture (four kitchen chairs, one door and architrave) she is much happier than six months ago much more waggy tailed and relaxed who plays with her brothers and now loves a cuddle whereas she was a little hand shy and liked her own space shes finally realising its ok to be here and she's Home for good.



I thought you might like to see how Dora has been getting on, I have attached you a little something from her.

Gem & Adam


To Read Dora’s New Life Story Please CLICK HERE


Indy is a Lab x, she came into our lives when she about 8 months in August 2011, as she got older the x part has became a Staffie which makes her even more beautiful and a very loving dog. Indy joined myself , my husband and at the time our 7 year old Border Collie Molly. A month after we fostered then rescued Lily a Lab x Collie she was 7months. Indy now weighs about 19kg and her favourite place to sit is on your lap if you have a seat in my house Indy will soon be sitting with you whether you want her to or not. With 3 dogs we had a lot of adjustment, 3 lots of girls hormones but a lot of hard work and dog classes it is all so worth it.
We live on Portland, Dorset and the 3 of them enjoy running around the cliffs together, going through the quarries especially if its been raining ‘very large puddles’ and having a good game of chasing a ball, which Indy finally mastered and now brings the ball back after a lap of honour.
Indy and Lily are inseparable they share the same bed and are always cleaning each other, playing together and just being happy, being the gorgeous puppies they are.
I am so grateful to Welsh Poundies for saving her and their continued support, Indy is a truly wonderful dog and she has completed our family.



What can I say about Lola..... she has changed our lives.

Our baby Max was just 6 weeks old and Rob kept seeing pictures of dogs who desperately needed homes on facebook. He has always had dogs and really wanted to complete our family with our own little furbaby.

We rang a number on facebook that was underneath a picture of a lovely staffie called Cwtch who we really felt for as she had a large growth on her neck and was due to be put to sleep. We wanted to foster short term to see if we could cope with a 6 week old baby boy and a 9 year old sensitive daughter who was a little afraid of dogs. We were put in touch with a lady called Anne, who came for a home visit. She was lovely and very thorough! She explained that the baby would not be a problem as long as we had the right dog placed with us. She told us we would hear from them when they could find just the right dog for our situation. We were told that under no circumstances would a dog be placed unless it was right for us.

We sat back and waited...... for only 2 hours! We got a phone call from Lisa @ Welsh Poundies saying that they had found the perfect dog for us.... Lola :).

We went to see Lola in Swansea and she was more beautiful than her pics. She had a sweet nature and was lovely around both of the children, very licky and extremely excited as Lisa had arrived lol! It was two weeks before Christmas and we said there and then we would love to take her in to see how it went..... we have never looked back.

Lola is an exceptional dog given the circumstances where she found herself in foster care with Suzie. She is really well behaved, perfectly trained and so loving. She guards the children very gently and will let Max, who is now 8 months, pull on her ears, dribble all over her and generally give her sloppy 8 month old baby hugs without any complaint. She sits with Lucy, our 9 year old daughter when she comes home from school and warms her feet when they are cold :) She will, on occasion when she feels shes not getting enough attention, chew my shoes but a small price to pay for such a loyal and loving member of our family.

Lisa will tell you Lola smells like rose petals, we know different!! She regularly comes running with me and keeps me motivated when I am ready to pack it in!! She is great friends with my Mum's cocker spaniel Billy, and absolutely loves my parents, who love her back just as much.

Before Lola became part of our family, I was a little wary of SBT's, probaby like everyone else out there who reads the tabloids and listens to propaganda. Now we have Lola, my outlook has completely changed. SBT's are loyal, loving and beautiful and I wouldnt hesitate to have one again. Its also changed my outlook about other so called, 'nasty' breeds. As with all dogs, its about how they are loved and treated, not about the breed they were born into.

Thank you to Lisa and Suzie at Welsh Poundies for completing our family with the best little girl in the world, you do a fabulous job and come up against all sorts of hypocrisy. Keep up your good work so that all those other fur babies waiting for families out there can find their own slice of heaven.

Jo, Rob, Lucy, Max


What can I say about welsh poundies? Well they were so good to me when I had to move and had to make the decision to find 1 of my girls a new home. I cried to Lou that she couldn't go to kennels as she would be scared of the dark and within days my girl had a fab foster mum then a amazing forever home. I just want to thank Lou, Lisa and everybody else that work so hard to help people who need help to re-home they dogs. I am missing my girl every day but I know that Welsh Poundies have done such a amazing job and I will be forever in their debt. thank you girls although I’ve cried and cried and cried you are all DIAMONDS XXX


One year ago we found "Faith" who was in one of your fostering homes. We have changed "Faith" to "Darcy" but that was only because she was not resounding to faith. Darcy has become one beautiful loving dog and has an amazing personality.

When we got "Darcy" she was a bag of bones and had a very bad skin condition, we never did find out how she was found in Swansea or what was suspected to happened to her, but one year on and she is amazing and absolutely loves her family.

I feel proud to have given Darcy the chance of a new life and feel proud of how she looks now. Darcy is such a happy dog.

Lisa Taylor


Thank You For Your Heart-Warming Stories